Tax Director
Amanda is a Director at ATKG and arrived here after launching her career at a regional accounting firm in the Alamo City.

A native Texan with a love for the beach, the hill country, good Mexican food and BBQ, Amanda graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with both a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration in Taxation. Professionally, she has developed strong experience in professional services and family office and currently serves a wide variety of clients.

Her strengths lead her to naturally enjoy projects that are a little (or a lot) messy where improvements need to be made. She will do whatever is necessary to ensure something is done when it is supposed to be done and takes great satisfaction in being productive. Her ultimate work joy is taking a mess (a project or a person), creating a plan and executing through to completion. She also has an eternal curiosity fueled by her need for information gathering.

These strengths have led her to be our go-to person for all things Strengths, that is Gallup’s CliftonStrengths®. She really enjoys coaching people and leads our internal personal development program that focuses on knowing your unique talents, understanding the power of those talents, and applying them to your work and life to achieve desired goals and outcomes and respond to everyday situations. Leading with Maximizer, she can’t help but love Strengths and has a strong desire to develop others to understand their own strengths so that they can be their best selves and have their best days. She is an active internal coach (who may need a couch in her office) and trains all intern recruiting candidates in CliftonStrengths®.

A wife and mom of three young children, Amanda has her hands full, but usually is reading at least three books at a time (does listening to an audiobook count as reading?) She enjoys trying new recipes, taking long aimless drives through the country, introducing her kids to new experiences, and naps.

‘‘Brian, Annette, and Amanda Virrarreal are efficient, courteous, forward-thinking, and easy to work with. Been a long time since we've been taken care of the way ATKG does.’’

A Client

‘‘Amanda and her team performed services on my accounting program over a weekend so that our daily operations would not be affected.’’

A Client

‘‘Amanda and Shannon offer us consistent communication’’

A Client

‘‘Brian, Annette, and Amanda are quality, knowledgeable personnel’’

A Client

CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes
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Amanda focuses on strengths to stimulate personal and group excellence. She seeks to transform something strong into something superb.


Amanda works hard and possesses a great deal of stamina. She takes immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.


Amanda has a deep sense of dedication and feels ownership for her commitments. She is a person of her word, and others know they can trust and rely on her.


Amanda enjoys routine and structure. Her world is best described by the order she creates.


Amanda looks for consensus. She doesn’t enjoy conflict; rather, she seeks areas of agreement.
Notable Accomplishments & Affiliations
Published Articles & Mentions
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Member
  • Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, Member