After 5 years at a national firm, Diane joined ATKG in 2010 and quickly knew this was her forever home.

After 5 years at a national firm, Diane joined ATKG in 2010 and quickly knew this was her forever home. Diane is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from The University of Texas at San Antonio and brings many years of accounting experience and deep knowledge of the real estate, construction, retail, and professional services industries to ATKG.  She leads our resource management and sales teams and is heavily involved in our recruiting efforts.  Diane is responsible for evolving our client service model to create a unique ATKG experience.

Never one to sit still, Diane is the current Treasurer of the CREW San Antonio chapter, graduated from the Real Estate Council of San Antonio Leadership Development program and the Texas CPA Society San Antonio Leadership Advantage program, has participated in that organization’s Institute for Developing Excellence in Accounting Leadership, and chases after her small children…just not necessarily at the same time.

While Diane would love to vacation in a tropical paradise with rainforests and sandy beaches, volunteering with Crew San Antonio, the National Association of Women Business Owners and her church keep her plenty busy. At the office, Diane has also volunteered to help with our recruiting efforts, letting that experience get her just close enough to the classroom to remind her that teaching school could bring her into contact with a version of her pre-teen self, which quickly drives her back to her office!

‘‘Very personable and knowledgeable. Over the years, I have created great relationships with Teryn Grater, Diane White, and the seniors and managers on my account.’’

Melanie Fluitt

3 Star Daylighting, LP

‘‘I have always had an incredible relationship with Diane. She has helped me with a few questions I had in the past on personal things (not work-related) and has maintained relationships even when not on our account anymore. I feel like I can always count on her.’’

A Client

‘‘I couldn't be happier with the choice to move from EY to ATKG. A.J. Sturm, Diane White, Alisha Bell, and the support staff have been instrumental in helping me with a complicated Estate and Foundation scenario. Not only have they provided me with phenomenal accounting and tax advice, but they have also gone above and beyond to help me plan for today, tomorrow, and far beyond. Thank you, ATKG!!!’’

Amy Burdick

Richard L Burdick Foundation

‘‘I couldn't have made it through the last year without A. J. and Diane! When I came to ATKG, I was overwhelmed in EVERY way. Now I feel like I can breathe easy again, knowing I'm in the very best of hands. Thank you so much for ALL you do!’’

A Client

‘‘Prompt service and excellent forecasting. I also feel that I get tremendous support, more than I have received in the past.’’

A Client

‘‘There are times I'm not sure about something, misplaced paperwork, IRS questions. Diane always responds to emails within minutes. Very nice person and I enjoy working with her and Eric.’’

A Client

‘‘Diane always promptly returns calls and emails and resolves any matter in a timely matter. She also produces quality work, which can be relied on. She provides valuable insight, which helps me in my overall position.’’

A Client

‘‘Diane's ability to quickly understand our questions really improves the quality of communication between our company and its investors. Having Diane as a part of our team inspires a tremendous amount of confidence in our financial health.’’

A Client

‘‘Our interactions with Diane and the ATKG team are always a model for how a professional services company should interact with its clients. With ATKG, we know that our finances are in good hands.’’

A Client

‘‘Diane and Shannon are a critical resource and partner to our firm. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and dependable on all levels.’’

A Client

‘‘Diane and Shannon provide great service. They are very knowledgeable and are always willing to assist our group with sage advice.’’

A Client

‘‘Teryn, Diane, and Kalyn provide awesome service. They stay abreast of the law and tax changes and that gives us extreme confidence.’’

A Client

CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes
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Diane is adept at dealing with problems. She is good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.


Diane works hard and possesses a great deal of stamina. She takes immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.


Diane can organize, but she also has a flexibility that complements this ability. She likes to determine how all the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.


Diane has contagious enthusiasm. She is upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.


Diane generally finds it easy to put her thoughts into words. She is a good conversationalist and presenter.
Notable Accomplishments & Affiliations
Published Articles & Mentions
  • Texas CPA Society, Member
  • 2019 CREW, Events Committee Member
  • 2019 Real Estate Council of San Antonio, Member
  • 2019 Urban Land Institute, Member
  • Real Estate Council of San Antonio, Leadership Development graduate
  • Real Estate Council of San Antonio, Former Fight Night Committee Member
  • Real Estate Council of San Antonio, Former Leadership Development Committee Member
  • Texas CPA Society San Antonio, Leadership Advantage graduate
  • Texas CPA Society San Antonio, Institute for Developing Excellence in Accounting Leadership graduate
  • NAWBO San Antonio Foundation, Teen Mentoring Committee Member, 10 years