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Elizabeth's motto would be: "I liked it, I learned it, I loved and believed it, then I taught it to someone else." It's no wonder Learner was one of her top strengths!

Elizabeth joins our firm with seven years of experience in construction, farm & ranch oil, gas & energy. Along with her variety of experience, she holds certifications in Accounting and Office Administration.

Liz is an adventurous soul and loves trying new things. When asked what her happy hour order would be, she said she’d try something new, preferably some crazy unique combination. With all the happy hours and events ATKG hosts, Liz will have tons of new things to try. When Liz is not exploring, she enjoys cooking, entertaining, reading, and spending time with her friends and family, including a special place in her schedule for her nieces. A natural Developer, Liz is passionate about teaching people anything she can and is always happy to lend a hand. Her can-do attitude makes her a welcome addition to ATKG, and we can’t wait to see everything she can teach us!

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Elizabeth generally finds it easy to put her thoughts into words. She is a good conversationalist and presenter.


Elizabeth has faith in the links among all things. She believes there are few coincidences and that almost every event has meaning.


Elizabeth has a great desire to learn and wants to continuously improve. The process of learning excites her.


Elizabeth recognizes and cultivates the potential in others. She spots the signs of each small improvement and derives satisfaction from evidence of progress.


Elizabeth has a need to collect and archive. She may accumulate information, ideas, artifacts or even relationships.
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