Executive Assistant
Rozlynn’s dream vacation would be to visit Greece.

Rozlynn joined ATKG in the second half of 2022. She graduated in 2019 from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a Bachelor of Business Administration and joins our firm with eight years of experience in closely held businesses, professional services, restaurants, and farm & ranch.

Rozlynn grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and makes a point to visit her family back home at least once a month. A true lover of South Texas, she stated she would be sipping a margarita at Wanna Wanna’s Beach Bar in South Padre Island if we didn’t need her incredible skillset here at ATKG. Rozlynn is an avid runner and has participated in five ½ marathons. Her passion for running carries over to her support of the Girls on the Run Foundation. Rozlynn cares deeply for this organization and admires their dedication to teaching young girls about confidence and kindness while also helping them train for a 5k. We hope Rozlynn will enjoy the ample trails around our San Antonio office whenever she needs a nice run to clear her mind!

CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes
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Rozlynn works hard and possesses a great deal of stamina. He takes immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.


Rozlynn has a great desire to learn and wants to continuously improve. The process of learning excites him.


Rozlynn looks for consensus. He doesn’t enjoy conflict; rather, he seeks areas of agreement.


Rozlynn enjoys routine and structure. His world is best described by the order he creates.


Rozlynn measures his progress against the performance of others. He strives to win first place and revels in contests.