Tax Senior
Before joining ATKG, Taylor spent a year and a half interning for NuStar Energy, supporting their tax practice.

Taylor received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Data Analytics from St. Mary’s University. While there, she played on the St. Mary’s softball team and was named Break-out Player of the Year for the 2019 season. Taylor was also a member of Continuing the Heritage at St. Mary’s, a volunteer organization devoted to helping low-income schools paint and redecorate classrooms. Before joining the firm, she gained Oil & Gas experience interning for NuStar Energy – a petroleum pipeline and terminal industry leader.

When asked “Beer or Margarita,” Taylor said, “Margarita hands-down.” She attributes her choice to the sweet and fruity taste and the ever-growing flavor varieties she finds. It sounds like it is time for Plain Jane margaritas to move over because Taylor is game for giving new types a swing. She also mentioned traveling in an RV to see the many lakes Texas has to offer, which for the record is 210. However, that is subject to change since Texas is known for having more artificial lakes than natural lakes.

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Taylor enjoys routine and structure. Her world is best described by the order she creates.


Taylor enjoys close relationships with others. She finds deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.


Taylor is keenly aware of the need to treat people the same. She craves stable routines and clear rules and procedures that everyone can follow.


Taylor has a deep sense of dedication and feels ownership for her commitments. She is a person of her word, and others know they can trust and rely on her.


Taylor works hard and possesses a great deal of stamina. She takes immense satisfaction in being busy and productive.
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